Unique Pool Service will be happy to provide our customers with a quote for any of the following pool issues. Our technicians are fully trained to install and repair any of the products that are installed in a Unique pool. Our services include:

  • The pool and/or spa water will be tested and chemically balanced. All basic chemicals and test products are included in the monthly service fee
  • Water chemistry will be documented and included in the weekly service report which will also include any service issues, notation of chemicals added and photos if needed.
  • The pool and/or spa walls, floor and tile will be brushed as needed.
  • Pump baskets will be cleaned.
  • Leaf baskets will be cleaned.
  • The pool and/or spa surface will be skimmed as needed.
  • The pool and/or spa will be vacuumed as needed.
  • The pool and/or spa equipment operation will be visually inspected.
  • The pool filter will be backwashed as needed.