There is no long term contract for pool service, we simply provide you with a proposal and a month to month service agreement which outlines the services that we are providing. At Unique, we focus on building a long term relationship with each and every client we are fortunate enough to work with. And the only way that we know how to achieve that is to provide each client with the highest quality products and services possible for their money. We want you to be happy with your pool service, but if for any reason you are not happy, we only ask for 30 days’ notice to cancel your service agreement.

A Unique pool service technician will visit your home once each week or twice each week depending on the service level that you have selected. During the service visit the following tasks will be performed:

  • The pool and/or spa water will be tested and chemically balanced. All basic chemicals and test products are included in the monthly service fee
  • Water chemistry will be documented and included in the weekly service report which will also include any service issues, notation of chemicals added and photos if needed.
  • The pool and/or spa walls, floor and tile will be brushed as needed.
  • Pump baskets will be cleaned.
  • Leaf baskets will be cleaned.
  • The pool and/or spa surface will be skimmed as needed.
  • The pool and/or spa will be vacuumed as needed.
  • The pool and/or spa equipment operation will be visually inspected.
  • The pool filter will be backwashed as needed.

In addition to these weekly tasks, once a month the technician will perform a full LSI check on the pool and/or spa water. The is a complete evaluation of the health of your pool and/or spa water. The results of the LSI evaluation will also be included in that week’s service report.

Repairs are not included in the monthly service fee. Repairs under $50 will be performed immediately and charged to the customer separately. Repairs greater than $50 will be listed on the weekly service report and will not be completed until they are authorized by the customer.

As a reminder, it is the customer’s responsibility to monitor and maintain water levels during the week. The recommended water level is MID-TILE.